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Garage door repairs may catch you flatfooted.

Tech Info

Please, never panic when your garage door is not opening. It doesn't mean that you need a new one right away - quite often a door can be just fixed and then last for long time.

Generally the whole garage door system consists ow two main parts - the door itself and the opener controlling the movement of this door. The majority of people believe that both parts will work endlessly and get really upset when it appears they won't. We have prepared for you a list of the most common problems with garage door which may need repair and their average costs.

A broken garage door spring

A door spring is the most often breakage than can disturb a garage owner.

Sooner or later each spring breaks, it's unavoidable. Finally, metal fatigue is a typical phenomenon leading to eventual snapping of metal. It's a must for all garage owners to disconnect the springs of their garage door every year and to check if the door is well balanced by lifting it manually. You will need a repairman only if there is any different sound like screeching or only if the door seems to be unbalanced.

The average price for garage door springs repair is about $200.

Broken garage door cable

A worn, frayed or broken garage door cable should be replaced. A cable seems to be something simple and not really important, but you should keep in mind the following - a good door cable can protect your car and you in case if a spring breaks and your garage door gets loose.

The price for professional cable replacement may vary from $150 to $200, but the cable itself is not that costly.

Garage door track bending

Even accidental knock into a garage door track may bend it and make it lose the initial shape. A mallet or a rubber hammer are very helpful in even it. If you are not sure about doing it yourself you may contact a repair company or specialist - they usually take from $125 to $150 for such a service.

Safety sensors misalignment

A garage door opener can also be annoying especially if it does not let you close the door. Usually it means that the batteries need to be replaced, but sometimes the reason is safety sensors misalignment.

In such a case a door cannot be closed - don't even force it to do that. The same result is when there is something that blocks the beam and prevents it from reaching the other side. Sensor realigning is a big challenge and it would be better to call a competent technician. It is not that expensive and would probably cost about $50-75.

People who have some experience in dealing with garage doors can get phone support - fixing sensors misalignment for them will be rather easy. But avoid trying to do such things yourself if you are not sure you will succeed. It is much better to call a trustworthy repair company then.

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